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The site is intended for experienced crocheters. When ordering a specific pattern, you will receive only a scheme consisting of black (solid mesh) and white (open mesh) squares (it may include lacet stitch, popcorn stitch or rectangles), without instructions for crocheting. Instructions for this kind of crochet can be found on the sites listed as follows:

The size of the finished model will depend on the size of the thread used. To calculate the actual size of the model, we recommend that you crochet a small sample of 10 rows by 10 columns and use it as a reference. The number of rows and columns of each model is listed under the picture of the model.

These patterns are for personal use only.
It is strongly prohibited to reproduce or combine the whole
model or separate elements of it in any way for commercial purposes.
All violators are liable to legal actions.

How to order

Send us your chosen pattern to We will contact you to provide you further instructions on how to pay and receive your patterns.

Payment method: PayPal account

When you order a model, you will receive it by e-mail as a printable Microsoft Word document sized A4.

If you encounter any difficulties or if you need help with your order, please contact us via e-mail. Note that it may take up to 3 working days for us to reply.

If you want us to send you a sample of the patterns please contact us.

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